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As I live in Kerala, India it is difficult for me to teach my students around the world in person.

Thanks to the wonders of technology, I am able to offer some of my teachings online.

To date, I have taught over 700 students in this way.


Vedic Tantra Yoga

This is one of the most popular courses I teach and takes just under 2 years to complete in full. The Vedic Tantra Yoga online course comprises of 16 Steps, each lasting 45 days.

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Dive into the powerfully healing practise of tantric japa yoga through the repition of sacred mantras.

This course begins with Shiva meditation, Shiva being the first Guru. Our spiritual jourey starts with the besssings of the first Guru Shiva and then we start to move through each chakra. In each chakra resides a special deity with its own worship and mantra and we will study each chakra going from the gross to more subtle levels of existence.

I am offering this first step of the course to all who are interested to discover Vedic Tantra Yoga.


Dasa Mahavidya (Ten Shakti Goddess Meditation)

Goddess Shakti has 10 different forms. In this course we will teach each Goddess mantra with meditation on the yantra and deity form. There are 10 steps of 45 days each, in other words 45 days are dedicated to each Godess.

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Pregnancy Mantras

This is a very popular course for expectant mothers.

Lasting a full 9 months, from conception through to birth, each month of pregnancy focuses on a specific beeja (seed) mantra.

The vibration and repeated chanting of these sacred beeja mantras contribute to the mental, physical and spiritual development of your growing baby.

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Tantric Chakra Meditation

This 7 day course dives into each of the 7 chakras and focuses on the mudra and mantra of each chakra.

tantric chakra meditation

Tantric Tattwa Shuddhi

This is a very important meditation in tantra. Our whole body is made up of 5 elements and the energy behind each element is called tattwa (on a subtle level). Shuddhi means clean or purify. In this course we will learn how to clean the subtle energies that make up our body by using specific mantras and pranayama techniques. This course runs over 5 days.


Pancha Kosha Sadhana

Pacha means 5, kosha means layers. This practise purifies the 5 layers through pranayama, meditation and food. This is a 5 day course.


Tantric Breathing

We will do a special pranayama combined with the Gayatri mantra. This is a short 3 day course.

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Tantric Chakra Drawings

There are 9 main chakras devoted to deities. This is the practise of meditating with colour, shade and sound in order to cultivate inner peace. This course will take approximately 30 days.


Tantric Mudra Meditation

Mudra is a Sanskrit word meaning a “seal.” Mudras are formed by joining or placing the fingers and hands in various positions to produce certain results. The ancient Tantric texts state that performing mudras awakens dormant psycho-physical centers and purifies certain subtle channels allowing the circulation of energies to take place. Mudras help serve as a link to help us rise from our lower worldly consciousness to a higher supreme consciousness.

According to the ancient Tantric texts, the human body is made up of five basic elements, the pancha (five) tattwas (elements). Each of the five fingers of the hand corresponds to one of these vital elements in the body. The thumb is akash (ether or space), the forefinger is vayu (air), the middle finger is agni (fire), the ring finger is jal (water) and the little finger is prithvi (earth). There is a tremendous flow of energy in the hands and by joining different tattwas (fingers) different mudras are created. Mudras are formed by placing the hands and fists in certain positions. The forming of specific mudras helps to balance the elements and when combined with visualization and affirmation may be used to promote healing and good health.

In Tantra sadhana there is a special place for Mudras and their practices. As already mentioned, Mudras are a powerful method for making spiritual advancement. The human body is full of many deep mysteries and potentials that can be expressed through the language of Mudra. With the practice of mudra one can achieve great results in Tantra sadhana and at the same time help one to attain physical well-being.

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Tantric Healing

More information coming soon. Please contact me via the form below if you are interested in this course.


Matrika Nyasa (Divinising the body)

The word Nyasa means placing and refers to a large component of tantrik ritualism in which the practitioner touches various parts of the body at the same time pronouncing a mantra and visualising a Goddess or a bija (root) mantra. Nyasa is supposed to "divinise" the body of the worshipper.


Tantric Puja

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Tantric Homa (Fire Ceremony)

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Sandhya Vandanam

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Sapta Matrika Meditation (Seven Divine Mothers)

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Sri Vidya literally means auspicious knowledge. These teachings originated thousands of years ago during the golden period of the Vedic age. The principles of Sri Vidya are very relevant to modern times.

There is immense power that lies untapped within every individual. The human body is an off shoot of the universal creative energy or the Divine Mother principle. The science of Sri Vidya helps us realize the all pervading power of the Universal Mother within whose main quality is supreme love and bliss.

By understanding the true self through the teachings of Sri Vidya, life automatically becomes disciplined and there is freedom from miseries and sorrows. Life is gratefully accepted as is and the realization dawns that there is no difference between the individual and the all pervading universal energy.

There are many aspects to this science including knowledge of traditional rituals and the understanding of their inner significance. Every step of Sri Vidya has a deeper meaning, ultimately geared towards liberation from the never ending cycles of birth and rebirth, joys and sorrows.

Sri Vidya teaches us that change has to come from within the individual instead of expecting that to happen in the external world.

Sri Vidya seamlessly integrates ancient dharmic (virtuous) principles with the modern way of life.

The transformation obtained through the practice of Sri Vidya benefits not just the individual but also the society by enhancing universal qualities of unconditional love, gratitude to Mother Nature and forgiveness in all human beings.


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