What is Tantra?

sri yantra crop.png

Tantra is probably the most misunderstood concept in spirituality. Contrary to popular western belief it has nothing to do with copulation.

Tantra is a highest of all possible human goals. It is the attainment of complete enlightenment, an ultimate state of peace in which all obstacles obscuring the mind have been removed and all good qualities such as wisdom, compassion, and skillful means have been fully developed.

This ultimate goal can be reached through regular practice of secret tantric mantras, meditations, breathing techniques, asanas, mudras, fire ceremony (homa), pujas and healings.

The ancient Tantric texts are difficult for the average person to understand as they were written in coded language which has meant that many misinterpretations have been made about what Tantra means and what the teachings were meant to convey. For this reason it is better explained orally by a competent guru who can provide the most accurate and educated interpretation, which is also in alignment with other ancient yogic teachings.