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Shaji is a real tantric teacher of our times, a divine echo and voice of ancient traditions. He is a true blessing for all who want to drink from the source of real spiritual teachings! From the first time I read about his teachings I was pleasantly surprised and delighted by the nature and depth of his teachings, which although they come from time immemorial, are very easy to undersand by everyone!

Spontaneity, kindness, profound understanding and love for everyone spring from Shaji's whole being. You can see his eyes and his smile even when you meditate! His guidance and teachings are very refined, but beyond that he radiates pure love and is a true contemporary vedic tantric guru! You are able to understand the teachings through his eloquence and experiences, with the help of shaktipat which trancends your karma and manifests your dharma!

That's why I continue to learn with him! Thank you for all! Namasthe.

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I have been a student of Shajesh for five years.

This practice has brought me calm, imparted stillness and a renewed sense of focus, vision and inspiration. Tantra is all about vibration. In the process of doing the japa, our vibration becomes strong. We become tuned into the subtler levels of awareness and get better at sensing the subtle movements of our own heart and mind.

These practices are not an intellectual pursuit that one can just pick up and do without a teacher, from a book or the internet. By studying with Shajesh you will get a guided tour of the whole landscape of this amazing tantric tradition, learning from scratch, starting with the most basic building blocks and progressing in a way that makes sense. The guru gives the practice, the student does the practice and has the experience. It’s up to you to do the practice. It is a journey of the self.

As a teacher, Shajesh really cares about his students. He believes in the benefits of the practices he teaches and desires sincerely to impart these practices to others. Shajesh is the genuine article, the real deal. I recommend Shajesh to anyone who is eager to explore their own inner realms through the practice of tantric japa, or needs tools with which to harness their own mind.




Shajesh Testimonials

When I first came into contact with Shajesh two years ago, I was initially suspicious, mainly because there are so many false “tantric” beliefs being taught by false tantric gurus. Only when I was sure that he was a genuine teacher from whom I have a lot to learn, I started to attend his teachings. At the end of the first year, I met him in India. Personally I feel lucky that I met Shajesh. I belive that he is a genuine Tantric Guru and has so many things to teach to beginners, and also experienced yoga teachers! Thank you Shajesh, for all you have taught me until now. Namaskar Guruji.

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Shajesh is a deeply educated, spiritual master, full of kindness and compassion. Always present when needed and even when not! I've been studying Vedic Tantra Yoga with him since my visit to the Ashram, in March 2018. His teaching is methodical, prompt, clear and well explained. Being with him, either in person or from a distance, makes me feel peaceful, happy and wise!

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Tantric Yoga is a lifelong sacred journey that helps to strip one of all ego, expectation, and worldly pressure. This journey has been a part of my path since 2004. Reiki Mastership and Karate studies barely equip me to understand what was to come. The yogic relationship becomes imperative when doing the deep soul seated spiritual cleansing that tantric yoga promises. Yogi Shajesh has stood by me in my personal intense transformations which have rippled to affect hundreds of lives around the globe. The journey of yoga brings the life of the student to unexpected paths and life patterns. I encourage anyone who intends to seek the life of reality in its fullness to find a solid yogi, such as my dearly treasured Shajesh. He offers wonderful, uplifting yoga courses that are much less intense and yet transformative. I trust Shajesh and you can be sure that the truths of your journey are safe in his care as your teacher.





I am grateful for the teachings from Shajesh. He has a lot of knowledge, practice and deep care for his students. I have learned tantra meditation with Shajesh and he has initiated to me into japa meditation. I only have deep respect and gratitude. 





I came across Shajesh's Facebook page about Tantric Yoga and decided to try to learn the vedic tantra yoga meditation. Shajesh sent me the lessons and I had to practice for 45 days. In the beginning I found it so hard and I didn't know how to start, but after talking with Shajesh, he helped me a lot and explained everything very well. He had a lot of patience! Thank you very much.

I totally recommend his classes, you won't be disappointed.